Monday, October 26, 2009

kerron stewart:I want to be a complete athlete

Speaking on a local radio program whilst back home for the Berlin celebrations, former St. Jago High school athlete, Kerron Stewart told a reporter that she wanted to work on improving all aspects of her 100 meters race – in which she won silver medals both at the World Championships and at the Olympics in Beijing last year.

Stewart was quizzed about the first phase of her short sprint, the part where she was giving up too much ground to the gold medalist on both occasions, Shelly-Ann Fraser.
The Auburn University graduate responded, “I want to be a complete athlete, in that sense I just cannot work on one part of my race I have to work on my whole race.”

When the question came up as to what she would be doing while in Jamaica, she enthusiastically replied, “I want to just sit back and get me some Kerron time, no distractions, no phone calls, nothing, just some Kerron time.”
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Berlin bronze medalist Carmelita Jeter’s season ending times of 10.67 and 10.64 were mentioned and Stewart seemed happy for the USA girl and had this to say, “She has raised the bar, it gives women sprinting a good look because we all get more recognition, we need the respect.”
She also added “I just cant wait to get back into training, I can run 10.6’s too but it will take a lot of work.”