Tuesday, December 29, 2009

China's National track and field team tunes in for 2012 Games

Apart from the men's 110m hurdles, and its star, Liu Xiang, race walking will also come under heavy scrutiny as the Chinese track and field team prepares for the 2012 London Olympic Games.Of the 117 athletes at the winter training camps, which are regarded as a key part of the build-up for the 2012 Games, 53 of the invitees are race walkers, including World Championships men's 20km silver medalist Wang Hao and women's 20km bronze winner Liu Hong. At the World Championships this year, Wang made a major breakthrough for China with his silver performance

Before the Worlds, Wang, and some of his teammates, were sent to train in Italy and their subsequent results at the Berlin Games were considered outstanding.

Therefore, during the winter training period, legendary Italian walking coach Sandro Damilano, who has coached two Olympic champions, has been invited to China to help the national team. After his stay here, Damilano will select five young Chinese walkers and take them back to his homeland for more training.