Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tyson Gay misses out on New York Diamond League meeting

The former world champion Tyson Gay's fitness level is likely to keep him out of Saturday's New York Diamond League meeting, according to his agent. "It looks very unlikely he will compete, " Mark Wetmore said. "There's a readiness needed to run the 100 metres, and he does not have that."

Gay, the world's second fastest man, had been expected to challenge Usain Bolt in New York, but the Jamaican 100m world record holder withdrew because of injury last week.

Wetmore, who is Gay's agent and the New York meeting organiser, added his client was not injured, just not in a state of "preparedness" needed to run and had also been advised by the well-known Munich sports doctor Hans Müller-Wohlfahrt not to run.
Gay looked especially sharp in his early races this season, setting a lifetime 400m best of 44.89 seconds, which made him the first sprinter to break 10sec in the 100m, 20sec in the 200 and 45sec in the 400. He broke another barrier last month, running the fastest 200m straightaway in a Manchester street race.

"Certainly in Manchester it looked good," Wetmore said. "But I think it is just a situation where it could be risky for him to run [this weekend]. That's the last thing we want."

Groin surgery in November slowed Gay's early preparations and he needed time to cover from the Manchester race, Wetmore said. "He has been in full training since then ... he's just unfortunately not going to be ready," Wetmore added.

Gay's Diamond League schedule should otherwise remain the same, beginning with a 200m in Eugene, Oregon on July 3, Wetmore said.