Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Justin Gatlin says Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh should Jell-O wrestle to break women's 100m tie

USA Track & Field decided that either a run-off or coin toss would break the dead heat that occurred between Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh in the 100 meter dash at the Olympic trials on Saturday, but Justin Gatlin has another idea.
“They could have let them decide by wrestling in Jell-O. That would be OK.’’
Unfortunately for Gatlin, who won the men's 100-meter sprint to qualify for the Olympic team, officials have decided on a much less physical solution, though one that could be taxing.
Gatlin doesn't like the idea of a run-off.
"I think Jeneba is a great young talent and Allyson Felix is a darling of the sport," Gatlin told ESPN. "The plight we have here is that not only are they great runners who put a lot of heart out there, they're coached by the same guy and they're training partners.

"They're both great 200-meter runners as well, so why put them in a situation where they have to run against each other in a real race when they run almost every day against each other? They have to prepare for the 200. They have a whole field that's ready to go out and make the field in the 200, too, so that's not fair to them."
Both women are entered to run in the 200-meter sprint on Saturday and would have a chance to make the Olympic team with a top-3 finish. If USA Track & Field officials wait until after Saturday, their tie-breaker could be moot.