Friday, June 29, 2012

Yohan Blake Wins 100m Finals At Jamaican Olympic Trials 9.75, Usain Bolt Is Second

There are some very interesting 2012 Olympic trials going on throughout the world, including on the island of Jamaica as Usain Bolt attempts to defend his 100m men's gold medal, as Bolt tries to qualify for the Jamaican men's Olympic team.

Bolt struggled in the semifinal round getting off to a slow start off the gun but took the lead on the final step, running a dreadfully slow (for Bolt) 10.01 seconds. In the finals Bolt once again got off to a poor start and couldn't overcome Yohan Blake, taking second place.

Blake wins the mens 100m event with a time of 9.75 with Bolt coming in second place with Asafa Powell coming in third. Blake's 9.75 time in the 100m places him fourth all-time in the 100m. Bolt, who holds the record in the 100m with a 9.58, has been struggling since his false start in the 2011 World Championships.

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