Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Andy Murray turns to Usain Bolt for London Olympic Games inspiration

ANDY Murray will use the memories of Usain Bolt's crushing performances in Beijing four years ago as London Olympic Games inspiration.

Beaten in the Wimbledon final on July 8, Murray says he has recovered from the devastation of defeat to Roger Federer.

And the Scot believes Olympic victory would surpass the grand slam success which continues to elude him.

"In terms of achievements, winning a gold medal is the pinnacle of sport," the four-time grand slam finalist said.

"It would be right up there."

Seeded third at the All England Club for Saturday's tournament, Murray said Jamaican superstar Bolt is at the core of his most electric Olympic experiences.

"The last memory I have of the last Olympics in Beijing was watching the 100m final, watching Usain Bolt," Murray said.

"It was pretty amazing how far he won by, to see what he did throughout the Games."

Murray said his other Olympic heroes were also track and field giants - US 400m champion Michael Johnson and British javelin star Steve Backley.

"Steve Backley, I always remember him, Michael Johnson as well was someone I remember watching a lot when I was growing up," Murray said.

"Along with Usain Bolt, they are the athletes I remember most from 12 years of watching or being involved in the Olympic Games."

Murray, who has won only one set in the four major finals he has lost, said he hoped to have an edge over rivals because the tournament is being played at Wimbledon.

"There's always pressure when you play at Wimbledon," he said.

"But when you play in front of your home crowd, I think everyone agrees, it helps in all sports to have the crowd behind you.

"It helps sometimes when you're struggling to lift your game.

"I've played some of my best tennis at Wimbledon. I've always enjoyed it."

British team officials said they would wait until today's draw before deciding if any of the eight-player tennis outfit would march in the Opening Ceremony.

credit heraldsun