Friday, July 6, 2012

Usain Bolt and Prince Harry will race again

Usain Bolt might have a chance to get his own back on Prince Harry, for the young royal is hoping  for a rematch with the Jamaican sprinter during the Olympics.

The two raced in Kingston in March during his Diamond Jubilee tour, and Harry, 27, beat the world’s fastest man Bolt in a 100-metre race by false starting.

William, Kate and Harry are ambassadors for London 2012 Olympics, and are going to be highy visible during the games.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “This is about William, Kate and Harry doing what they do best and going in at the grass roots level and meeting with as many people as possible.

“They won’t just be doing ceremonial stuff during the Games, they will be really getting stuck in at all levels. They are very excited and very committed to their role as ambassadors, and the Olympics will be their focus for the whole time the Games are on.

“Prince Harry would very much like to see Usain Bolt again and it will hopefully be possible depending on the athlete’s schedule.”

by Tom Sykes