Friday, August 24, 2012

Bolt Looks To Rio 2016, May Try 400 Meters And Long Jump

“Yes, definitely I will be there, as long as I’m fit and I’m ready,” said Bolt, via Sports Illustrated. “It’ll be a little bit harder but I’m looking forward to it.”

Having just turned 26, Bolt will turn 30 during the year of the Rio Games. Immediately after completing his historic second treble, Bolt sounded unsure if he'd give it a go in Rio.

"The possibility is there, but it's going to be very hard. ... I've done all I want to do,"said Bolt after waving his last goodbye to the adoring crowds in London. "I've got no more goals."

Apparently, it didn't take Bolt long to find new goals -- and new events.

"It's just about making different goals, there's a lot of things I can do in the sport," Bolt told reporters in Switzerland this week, per the Chicago Tribune. "My coach wants me to do 400 meters, I want to try long jump."

For those not entirely sold on Bolt as some sort of sporting superhero, perhaps the sight of him soaring through the night sky in Rio would be convincing. Of course, it's possible that Bolt's reasoning for attempting these other events is less than heroic. After all, his inter-generational rival Carl Lewis has several long jump medals to go along with his sprint prizes.

Does Bolt need to further burnish his resume to truly be the greatest?