Monday, August 6, 2012

Oscar blade runner Pistorius fails to qualify for men's 400 meter final

Oscar Pistorius had a slow start and couldn’t pick up speed to make the final cut for the 400 meter race at the London Olympics. The South American athlete definitely had the world cheering when he qualified on Saturday to advance, but on Sunday there wasn’t enough speed to qualify for the finals.

The athlete did make history and perhaps Oscar Pistorius even opened the minds of millions who have watched the game as they
learned more about the blade runner. However it was a moment on the field that reminded everyone that only Olympians deserve the attention of the world. When world champion Kirani James asked Oscar Pistorius after the race for his name bib as a souvenir, it was obvious that the man known as blade runner has admiration even from the athletes.

As one of the underdog’s the world is watching, Oscar Pistorius definitely had the disappointment of the race, but not to worry as the athlete will return to the stadium when he competes with his team in the 4x400-meter relay.