Thursday, August 9, 2012

Usain Bolt Strikes again, gold in 200m - London Olympics 2012

Bolt, 25, did it again Thursday night, pulling away to another gold medal in the 200 meters with a 2012 world-best time of 19.32 seconds.

His countryman, Yohan Blake, 22, second to him in the 100, was second again in the 200, at 19.44

The bronze wend to a third Jamaican, Warren Weir.

U.S. champion Wallace Spearmon, 27, was never in it but closed to fourth place.

Bolt completed an unprecedented Olympic double-double — back-to-back gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters, and pretty much cemented his legacy as the greatest sprinter in history.

Oh, and his goal to become a legend?


He didn't threaten his world record of 19.19 but might have gotten closer to that mark if he hadn't let up just a little on his last three strides.

After it was over, he mugged for the cameras and hugged Blake.

Bolt, as always, was chasing history. In the 100, he became just the second man to win back-to-back golds, and the first to finish the race in first place in back-to-back Olympic 100s — Carl Lewis took gold in 1984 and 1988, but in '88 was elevated to first only after Ben Johnson was disqualified for doping.

Bolt says a lot of fun things, a lot of crazy things. He knows how to work the room and entertain an audience. He'll contradict himself, innocently enough, just to say something that strikes him as worth saying.

But he has always said this: the 200 meters is his favorite race.

"For me, it's always going to be about the 200 meters," he has said. I've really dedicated a lot of time to it. It's become easy to me."

It sure looked like it in the two rounds leading to the final, as Bolt mostly approached those races as a jog.

But he had also shown he was ready to run very, very fast - 9.63 seconds, .05 off his world record of 9.58, in taking the gold medal in the 100 meters Sunday.

Bolt came in as the defending Olympic champion and world recordholder in the 200, and he had run six of the 10 fastest 200-meter races in history.

Blake, 22, who was second to Bolt in the 100 Sunday, last year ran the second-fastest 200-meter race in history - 19.26.

Blake beat Bolt in the 200 at the Jamaican Olympic trials, but Bolt announced after winning the 100 Sunday that he would not let Blake beat him in London.

As usual, he walked the walk. Or something like that.