Monday, June 3, 2013

Bolt in trouble after posing with range of clothes which promote drugs

Six-time Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt has received heavy criticism after posing with a range of t-shirts made by US firm The Pothead Diaries. The company's website they advertise that their merchandise is there to help 'express your inner pothead and celebrate our love for the culture and our involvement in it.' Bolt was slammed by anti-drug groups, including Lucy Rowe, of Skunk Sense, who said in The Sun: 'I would hope that such a charismatic young man who is very much a role model for young people would have more common sense than to give free publicity to a company which so blatantly promotes cannabis us.' Addiction specialist Mark Dempster said: 'He's using his position to promote something that can cause not just addiction, nut also create mental health problems for young people.' Back in 2009, Bolt admitted that he had smoked dope when he was younger, but that it was no longer part of his lifestyle as he looks to become the greatest sprinter of all-time. He had said: 'When you're a child in Jamaica, you learn how to roll a joint. Everyone tried marijuana, including me, but I was really young.' Bolt's spokeman refused to comment when contacted by The Sun. source dailymail.co.uk