Monday, July 15, 2013

Asafa's Agent Says Trainer Was Not Sufficiently Checked

Damion Mitchell, News Editor – Radio & Online Paul Doyle, the agent for MVP Track Star Asafa Powell has admitted that he did not do sufficient background checks on the physical trainer believed to have given the Jamaican sprinter tainted supplements. Asafa's teammate Sherone Simpson was also tested positive for the banned are among five Jamaicans who have returned adverse analytical findings. Speaking this morning on Nationwide Radio, Doyle said he accepts responsibility for hiring the trainer implicated. Dolye's admission comes a day after the trainer was held and searched by Italian police. Doyle has sought to explain why he rushed the process of engaging the trainer. According to Doyle, the highly recommended trainer came on board just ahead of the National Trials held in June to help prepare Asafa Powell for the championships. He says this means there was not enough time to for him to do the due diligence on the trainer. However, how did the introduction of the supplement bypass the rigours systems the MVP says it has established to prevent its athletes from ingesting banned substances? Doyle says the MVP was never made aware of the supplements suspected to contain the banned substance - oxilofrine. According to him, the supplements were given directly to Asafa Powell. Doyle says, as the agent who hired the trainer, he only became aware of the supplements when he got the invoices to pay for them. According to Doyle, Asafa did not check the legality of the supplements for himself, but Sherone Simpson did so and found no indication that it contained a banned stimulant. Doyle says immediately after being informed that the athletes were tested positive, the management team suspected that the trainer was responsible.